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Sciatica Treatments

  • What is Sciatica and What Can You Do About It?

    People who suffer from sciatica often complain about the persistent, chronic pain they suffer, and very often drugs do not provide the relief they need.  The presence of sciatica is an indication that the spine is not functioning as it should. But what exactly is sciatica and what can you do about it?

    What is Sciatica?
    Sciatica is chronic pain that affects the lower back and hip. It has its origin in the irritation and inflammation of the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve is extremely long, as it extends from the lower back, hips, buttocks, and down the legs.

    The sharp pain associated with sciatica usually occurs because of a bulging disc.  The discs act as a protective covering to the bones of the spine. However, when these discs that are supposed to cushion the spine move out of position or slip, they can press on and irritate the nerve.

    Sciatica Treatments: Traditional treatments for sciatica include physiotherapy and steroid injections, and extreme cases require the surgical removal of the disc. However, before deciding what to do about sciatica, it is important to meet with your doctor to find out which treatment would be right for you or any other people suffering from sciatica.

    Posture Pump® PentaVec® Model 2500 is a very effective treatment for painful back stiffness. With your lower back gradually lifting with air and expanding into proper posture, use your feet to push up and out with the decompression pedal to gently stretch open and hydrate painful joints, compressed discs and irritated nerves. The PentaVec® rapidly gets to the cause of disc compression and allows you to carefully stretch out painful back stiffness at your own pace.

    Expanding Ellipsoidal Decompression (EED®) gently molds your lower spine into proper posture while nutrient rich fluid is drawn back into the discs as they expand (imbibition). The PentaVec® lifts and expands the lumbar spine while the sacrum and pelvis are rotated up and translated away.  The feeling is one of lightness and freedom from monotonous compressive coiling in the lower discs and joints. The PentaVec® delivers 5 simultaneous force vectors into the lower spine and cannot be manually duplicated.

    Posture Pump® shapes, decompresses, and hydrates compressed discs and joints in the cervical and lumbar spine. This is vital to maintaining good posture and to alleviate the symptoms caused by back conditions and provides relief for the root cause of back pain and stiffness!  Check out more details on our Back Pain Products and Neck Pain Products.

    Over 3 Million and Counting have utilized EED® Technology via Posture Pump®.  Nothing Works Like Posture Pump®.  Nothing!™

    Beware of counterfeits and purchase an Official Posture Pump® - Made in the USA since 1994.

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