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  • Posture Pump® Deluxe Full Spine - Model 4100-S Instructions

    Posture Pump® Deluxe Full Spine Relieves Painful Neck and Back Pain, Stiffness, Headaches and Fatigue - Model 4100-S

    Step-By-Step Instructions: Easy to use at home device- just minutes a day for neck and back pain relief, increased flexibility, & range of motion!

    Before you begin, here are some safety precautions:

    • You shouldn't use Posture Pump® without consulting with your Healthcare Professional, as certain joint, nerve, disc, vascular, and other disorders or weaknesses could potentially be aggravated and worsened.
    • Do not use if you have implanted spinal hardware.
    • If you are pregnant, you should not use Posture Pump® beyond your first trimester.
    • Do not use if you are injured.
    • Never inflate to the point of pain.
    • Never cover up or block off open ends of hand pump (Safety Release Valve.)
    • While the neck unit is inflated, you should NOT reposition your body. When using the Model 4100-S, always apply the back unit first. When all movement with the back unit is complete, apply neck unit. Completely deflate neck unit and release Comfort Visor™ before moving back unit.
    • If pain results during treatment, discontinue use immediately and consult your Healthcare Professional.
    • If your back is sensitive or extremely stiff, first use the unit on your bed/mattress. As your flexibility increases, you may wish to graduate to a firm, flat surface.
    • An aggressive workout with Posture Pump® may temporarily cause soreness. If so, reduce the intensity and duration of your treatment.
    • Keep device out of reach of children at all times.

    WARM UP ROUTINE: Begin by slowly turning your head and neck side-to-side 5 times; then tilting your head and neck forward and backward 5 times; then leaning the head and neck side-to-side 5 times.

    • On a comfortable, firm surface, in a seated position, slide deflated unit against low back and buttocks.

    • While grasping the lower portion of the unit, gently lean your back and neck over deflated unit. Buttocks should hang off edge of lower unit; neck should fit comfortably into neck cradle. Move lower unit Elliptical Back Rocker™ slightly up or down, left or right, to locate the most comfortable and centered position for you.

    • While lying flat on unit with knees bent and feet firmly on the ground, begin to rock lower portion of Elliptical Back Rocker™ by rocking pelvis up and back toward belly button using abdominal muscles to lift buttocks. Then rock downward using back muscles, allowing your lower back and abdominal muscles to gently stretch over air cells and lowering buttocks to floor. Repeat this movement several times to conclude warm-up routine.

    Now that your warm-up is complete, it's time to move on to the actual Training Session!

    1. After warm-up routine, place deflated unit on a comfortable, firm surface. Deflate air cells by pushing the button on the pump and squeezing air cells. With Comfort Visor™ forehead restraint untangled at back of unit, slide and center unit under the back of your neck, snugly against your shoulders and upper back. Note that if you are not snug, comfortable, and centered on the inflated neck bladder or back bladders, or if it seems to inflate unevenly, completely deflate all air cells, remove Comfort Visor®, then re-center yourself on the unit and reapply Comfort Visor™.
    2. Center your neck on neck cradle measuring with index fingers.
    3. Apply Comfort Visor™ by centering it across your forehead. While holding it there with fingers, lightly tighten one side at a time until snug and centered. Allow it to slide back toward hairline as you pull all slack out of Comfort Visor™ will mold to the shape of your forehead as it slides back. Reposition until it feels secure and comfortable. Note: For smaller heads and shorter necks, locate Comfort Visor™ in forward slots. For larger size locate Comfort Visor™ in back slots.
    4. Hold back of unit down with tips of index fingers or thumbs and further tighten Comfort Visor™ if necessary.
    5. Press ends of Comfort Visor™ straps across the Velcro® forehead section. Comfort Visor™ should be as snug as possible without lifting up the back of the unit and may be tightened further after the first repetition. (Back of frame may lift slightly during application on some surfaces. THIS IS NORMAL.)
    6. Leaving neck pump on chest/stomach area for easy access, grasp the two hand pumps that work the lower unit; lowest air cell pump in your right hand, upper air cell pump in your left hand. (Squeeze each pump separately to confirm lowest air cell pump is in right hand.)
    7. Inflate lowest air cell with right hand pump to a firm, comfortable level, never to the point of pain. (Usually 1-5 complete pumps.)
    8. Inflate upper air cell with left hand pump to an equally comfortable level. (Usually 1-5 complete pumps.)
    9. Squeeze both pumps at the same time (Usually 1-3 more pumps.)
    10. Using your abdominal and pelvic muscles, gently rock back and forth 3-5 times, repeating actions from the final bullet point in the Warm-Up Routine.
    11. Deflate air cells by pushing down on both pump buttons at the same time.
    12. Repeat steps 7 through 11 several times, leaving unit inflated to a comfortable level on the last repetition.
    13. Keeping the back unit inflated to a comfortable level, make sure your neck is still centered on the neck cradle (use your index fingers to measure), and Comfort Visor™ should remain snug.
    14. Grasp the hand pump that operates the neck air cell(s) and slowly pump unit up to your own comfort level; never to the point of pain. (This is typically 1-7 complete pumps, but may vary by individual. Pump less times during first week of use. (Pump is equipped with automatic air release valve, limiting inflation.) Never cover up or block off open ends of hand pump.
    15. Wait 10 seconds, then release all air by pushing the manual air release button on the pump. Repeat this workout 10 to 15 times, leaving neck air cell(s) inflates at a comfortable level on last repetition.
    16. With all air cells now inflated to comfortable levels, allow your entire spine to stretch over inflated air cells, keeping your buttocks on the ground. Relax on inflated unit for 1 to 5 minutes on first session. Gradually work up to a maximum goal of 15 minutes  by adding a few minutes to each training session, or as directed by your Healthcare Professional. Inflate unit at lower levels the first week, thus reducing soreness commonly caused by aggressive workouts.
    17. Completely deflate all air cells (neck first),  release Velcro® straps from forehead, and remove Comfort Visor™. Gently bring knees to chest one at a time for 5 seconds each. Then bring both knees to chest and hold for 5 seconds. Gently roll off unit and on to your left or right side slowly and carefully without turning your head. When you are free from the unit and standing or sitting in an upright position, gently and slowly repeat warm-up routine (Begin by slowly turning your head and neck side-to-side 5 times; then tilting your head and neck forward and backward 5 times; then leaning the head and neck side-to-side 5 times) to acclimate your neck muscles to the weight of your head.
    18. Never rock unit while neck unit is inflated. 
    19. Keep unit near bed or night stand and repeat the above treatment daily for at least 3 times per week to help relieve tension, stress and fatigue and to reinforce your natural neck and back curves while lubricating the joints. Many users find that using Posture Pump® just before bedtime allows them to fall asleep more easily.
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    LOCALLY MADE & DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Made in the USA & Built to Last

    Over 3 Million have utilized EED® Technology via Posture Pump®.

    Posture Pump® Deluxe Full Spine - Model 4100s: For Relief of Painful Neck and Back Stiffness. 

    Full spine model with single neck air cell: Combines neck Model 1100-S and back Model 2000. New Comfort Visor™ gently molds to the shape of the forehead (no chin or jaw contact). Does not hyper-extend the neck. Single EED® air cell* decompresses and hydrates cervical discs, while decompressing & shaping the cervical (neck) curve at moderate pressure levels for comfortable, corrective deep relief. Simultaneously, two opposing air cells in the lower back unit get to the cause of pain and stiffness fast. Comfort pad attaches both neck and back units into one. Conveniently folds & locks together for easy travel.

    • Decreases Cervical Disc Bulging
    • Relieves Painful Neck and Low Back Stiffness, Headaches and Fatigue
    • Decompresses & Shapes Healthy Cervical and Lumbar Curves
    • Decompresses and Hydrates Discs in Neck and Low Back Regions
    • Reduces & Corrects Forward Head & Neck Posture
    • Built-in Rocking Mechanism Exercises Abdominal Muscles (strengthens core) While Shaping & Strengthening the Lower Back
    • Improves Flexibility and Ranges of Motion
    • Lightweight, Easy to Operate & Travel With (weighs 6 lbs.)
    • Made in the USA & Built to Last
    • Employs Expanding Ellipsoidal Decompression (EED®) via Posture Pump®
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  • What is Expanding Ellipsoidal Decompression (EED®) and how does it relieve neck & back pain?

    Neck & back pain is a very common problem among the US population, and has traditionally been treated with the use of drugs. However, there are now therapeutic options like the Posture Pump® Disc Hydrator®, which uses Expanding Ellipsoidal Decompression (EED®) to ease painful stiffness of the neck and back. But what is Expanding Ellipsoidal Decompression, and how does it alleviate neck and back pain?

    Short term neck and back pain very often resolves on its own. However, chronic pain due to conditions such as sciatica, sciata, disc degeneration, compressed discs and herniated discs, usually require intervention. In these cases, Posture Pump® products provide a unique form of decompression therapy known as EED® for relief of neck & back pain.

    What is Expanding Ellipsoidal Decompression (EED®))?

    EED® was invented and patented by Posture Pump®.  Under EED®, high level joint separation is achieved by expansion of elliptical shaped air cells into the curves of the spine (neck & back).  As EED® occurs, bulging disc material is drawn toward the nucleus pulposus and away from the spinal cord and nerves.  This unique action aligns joints in a curved shape while increasing disc height in a ratio corresponding to the disc’s natural wedged shape. Expansion and contraction of these air cells create alternating hydration and milking of the discs.  Longer expansion periods are employed for posture decompression and shaping. It is no longer necessary to forcefully pry the head from the body, pull the posterior joints apart and remove the vital curves of the neck and back.  These spinal curves are essential.

    Posture Pump MRI

    Most healthcare professionals are choosing to treat patients with neck & back pain using EED® via Posture Pump®, because it does not forcefully remove the vital natural curves of the spine. This is not the case with conventional linear traction treatment, which tends to remove the essential spinal curves.  In an IRB approved MRI study conducted by Dr. C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D., neurosurgeon, researcher and author, he found that Posture Pump® Cervical Disc Hydrator® improved the cervical curve in 72% of subjects whereas the commonly used form of linear traction device had only an 8% cervical curve improvement.  In fact, linear traction actually compromised the cervical curve in 83% of subjects.  Dr. Shealy also found that Posture Pump® increased the average disc height twice as much than with the linear traction device.  You can view this and other research studies here.

    If you would like to know more about how Posture Pump® products work check out their back pain products or neck pain products.

    Posture Pump® Relieves Painful Neck and Back Stiffness, Headaches and Fatigue, Decompresses & Shapes the Proper Neck Curve, & Decompresses & Hydrates Compressed, Damaged Discs. To view our back pain products click here and to view our neck pain products click here.

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