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  • Dental Professionals - Work Related Neck Aches & Back Pain

    Dentists, Periodontists, Endodontists, Orthodontists and Hygienists have to deal with occupational related neck and back pain. Dentists spend most of the work day hovering over patients in various positions that do not work well for their necks, shoulders and backs. Sometimes they are in these positions for hours.

    The incidence of neck pain among dentists and hygienists is common with as many as 71% of Dentists and 82% of Hygienists reporting work related neck and back pain. In dentistry, the upper trapezius muscle is the culprit in a myriad of head and neck pain syndromes. The delivery of dental care places high demands on this muscle and can result in a painful condition called trapezius myalgia.

    Symptoms include pain, spasms, or tenderness in the upper trapezius muscle. Trigger points in this muscle result in headaches behind the eye, into the temple, and in the back of the neck.

    The forward flexion and lateral flexion/rotation (the common movements of dentists) compromise the soft tissue around the neck, creating and developing imbalances, and reducing  neuromuscular efficiency

    Here are some more recommendations specifically for the dental profession:

    • Don't position the patient too high
    • Use properly selected magnification
    • Use armrests
    • Take Frequent Breaks & Manage Stress Appropriately
    • Use Posture Pump® Disc Hydrators for relief of chronic pain and stiffness



    The dentists should not live their professional life in discomfort. Unfortunately, no professional dentist has escaped debilitating neck and back pain issues during his or her career.

    Most ergonomic injuries in dentistry result from counteracting torque for prolonged periods of time. Torque or “rotational force” occurs when a system becomes unbalanced.

    • The main culprit in torque generation as it relates to operator position is our own head. The human head is 8 percent of our total body weight.
    • The average man’s head is 14 pounds and the average woman’s head is 11 pounds.

    To achieve a direct line of vision into the oral cavity, operators are required to lean or tilt forward in some manner. This is a delivery requirement even when using a mouth mirror and loupes, although both implements can decrease the degree of forward lean or tilt, which is helpful to reduce torque.

    Two significant types of operator forward lean or tilt occur commonly in treatment delivery.

    • The first type is often described as head declination with the fulcrum point positioned in the cervical area of the neck.
    • Second type of operator forward lean or tilt produces an even more dramatic comparison. It is common to observe operators leaning forward from the pelvis as much or even more than 30 degrees to gain a more favorable vision line into the oral cavity.

    Exercise and physical therapy should be part of every dentist’s routine. Awkward and torque producing operator positions resisted by prolonged static muscle contractions are the main occupational hazard to a dentist’s physical well being.

    Dental professionals can get relief from work related neck and back pain with Posture Pump® Disc Hydrators - they help correct stiff and poor posture.  Posture Pump® decompresses & shapes the cervical curve, which is vital to maintaining good posture. Posture Pump® products are designed to decompress, shape, and lubricate the spine, which can help alleviate the symptoms caused by neck and back conditions. Posture Pump® decompresses & shapes the cervical curve, improves ranges of motion, and gets to the cause of neck and back pain stiffness fast!

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