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Treat Degenerative Joint Disease

  • Understanding Degenerative Joint Disease

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    Degenerative joint disease (otherwise known as osteoarthritis) has long been considered a normal part of the aging process.  After all, over 20 million Americans suffer from degenerative joint disease pain – but that doesn’t mean that you have to accept the pain that comes hand-in-hand with osteoarthritis.

    This joint disease impacts the cartilage within the spine, joints, and anywhere else where bone joints meet. The cartilage is comprised of a springy soft tissue that’s designed to absorb everyday impact, much like the shocks on a car. Cartilage also helps the bones effortlessly slide against each other, which minimizes any discomfort or pain.

    Degenerative joint disease causes a breakdown in the cartilage, which means that bones are more likely to rub against one another.  What’s more, a loss of cartilage makes it much more uncomfortable to move around, as your bones are experiencing more of the shocks that would have otherwise been absorbed by cartilage. The end result can produce the most common symptoms of degenerative joint disease, including the following:

    - Pain
    - Discomfort in the joint
    - Swelling of the joints
    - Joint stiffness
    - Loss of motion
    - A crunching sensation in the joints (bones rubbing against each other)
    - Decreased quality of life

    Surprisingly, research has shown that degenerative joint disease doesn’t have to be considered a “normal” part of the aging process.  The following risk factors are more likely to increase your odds of suffering from degenerative joint disease:

    - Genetics, or family history
    - Lack of exercise
    - Being overweight
    - History of joint injuries

    If you carry any of the risk factors for degenerative joint disease, you don’t have to suffer or rely on over-the-counter medication to ease the pain.  Posture Pump® is a doctor-trusted online retailer that specializes in neck and back pain products.  Posture Pump® products are designed to decompress, shape, and lubricate the spine, which can help ease the symptoms of degenerative joint disease.

    Posture Pump® products can help sufferers increase their quality of life, as well as improve joint pain and discomfort.  What’s more, Posture Pump® products can help relieve pain associated with degenerative joint disease, including neck and head pain.

    Check out our products today to see which are recommended by doctors to treat and ease pain associated with degenerative joint disease.

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