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Spinal Nerve Compression: What Is It, and How Can It Be Treated?

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Spinal nerve compression – otherwise known as spinal cord compression – is a condition that develops when there’s too much pressure being placed on your spinal cord.  As your spinal cord is comprised of a bunch of nerves that help pass information from your brain to your muscles, this means that the spine can be subject to nerve pain and discomfort due to injury, improper posture, or even the aging process.

The symptoms of spinal nerve compression can be painful, and lead to a decrease in a person’s quality of life.  Some people may immediately experience symptoms, while others may not notice nerve pain or damage for several years.  Generally speaking, the symptoms of spinal nerve compression include the following:

- Pain
- Stiffness in the back, neck, or lower back
- Burning pain, especially in the buttocks and legs
- Tingling or loss of sensation in the feet
- Numbness
- Cramping in the hands and legs

If you experience symptoms that include a loss of bladder control, severe numbness between the legs, and severe pain that makes it difficult to walk, it’s important to get medical attention right away (it’s recommended that you go to the emergency room).

With regards to spinal nerve compression, the condition typically develops as a result of degenerative joint disease, or osteoarthritis.  This disease is usually thought to be a result of the aging process, but it actually can be a result of genetics, obesity, lack of exercise, and other risk factors.

If left too long, spinal cord compression can only be treated via invasive surgery, which has high readmission factors.  That’s why if you’re experiencing any of the above symptoms, it’s recommended that you seek out Posture Pump® therapeutic products first.

Posture Pump® is a doctor-trusted online retailer that specializes in neck and back pain products which can treat the most common symptoms associated with spinal cord compression and degenerative joint disease.  Posture Pump® products are designed to decompress, shape, and lubricate the spine, which can ease nerve pain.

Posture Pump® products can help sufferers increase their quality of life, as well as improve nerve pain and discomfort.  What’s more, Posture Pump® products can help relieve pain associated with spinal cord compression, including neck and back pain.

Check out our line of back pain and neck pain treatments today to see how they can help treat and ease pain associated with spinal cord compression.

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9 thoughts on “Spinal Nerve Compression: What Is It, and How Can It Be Treated?”

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  • Trayson Evans

    I have seen bus drivers using special seats that I learned are to support their back. I would guess that in that profession it would be easy to slip into a relaxed posture. I would guess that this could lead to some of the problems this article talks about. The picture shows the spine in an unnatural position, causing pain.

    • posturepump

      Using support cushions in a seat can help make you more comfortable and aware of your posture. Incorporating home devices such as Posture Pump® Back & Neck products will help combat the cause and effects of degenerative joint disease.

  • Sonya

    I was on Gsbapentin but I am no longer in Pain Management. What is another Medicine that will treat me for the burning pins and needles I feel in my lower legs and feet due to the nerve damage in my lower back.

    • Posture Pump

      Hi Sonya! Check out our Posture Pump® Penta Vec® (Model 2500), which is a great pain relief tool for sufferers of sciatica! You can see more info on this and others on our website!

  • Dorian Fulcher

    I was in a car accident and have a herniated disk neck. For almost a year i cant to anything. I have all the signs of a pinched nerve and the pain is insane. I cant clean, drive. Doing the slightest amount if work puts me in unbearable pain for days. Im looking for any kind of help.

    • Posture Pump

      Hi Dorian! We encourage you to talk with your Healthcare Professional to see if Posture Pump® may be a good treatment option for you! Please don't hesitate to give us a call at 1-800-632-5776 if you have any questions. Thanks!

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