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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a Posture Pump® Disc Hydrator®?
Posture Pump® gently decompresses shapes and hydrates the discs in your neck and back.  When the neck and back lose their natural curved shape, the soft discs that are in between the vertebrae become compressed and rich lubricating fluid is unable to penetrate and hydrate the discs.  This causes premature aging in the form of stiff dry joints.  Posture Pump® counteracts that by lifting, stretching, decompressing, hydrating and shaping the neck and back into its “vital” natural curved shape.

How does Posture Pump® work?

With easy to use hand pumps and uniquely angled air cells, expansion and contraction (up and down motion) of these air cells create alternating hydration of the spinal discs and joints.  When the air cells are left inflated for longer periods of time (15-20 min.), postural shaping and decompression occurs.

How long does it take to start seeing or feeling  results from Posture Pump®?
Everyone is different.  Some people feel immediate relief and a decrease in symptoms right away.  And others, depending on symptoms and issues, may take longer and have gradual relief of symptoms over time.  But stick with it.
Will Posture Pump® make me sore?
During the first week, as the natural shape of your neck and back is strengthened, you may experience normal discomfort and soreness.  As with any new exercise, THIS IS NORMAL.  Skip a few days if you must, but stick with it, don’t quit!  Think of Posture Pump® as you would your toothbrush.  Just as your toothbrush protects your teeth, let Posture Pump® strengthen, shape and lubricate your neck and back.  Like working oil into a rusty hinge, use Posture Pump® after long periods of holding your head, neck and back in uncomfortable positions like, texting, cell phone, computers, driving, lifting, gardening, etc.  You should NOT experience pain when using Posture Pump®.  If you do, reposition yourself on the unit to make sure you are centered and using it properly.  If you still feel pain then discontinue use immediately.  Be sure to follow all cautions and instructions before beginning.
What is Expanding Ellipsoidal Decompression (EED®)?
EED® was invented and patented by Posture Pump.  Under EED®, high level joint separation is achieved by expansion of the elliptical shaped air cells in to the curves of the neck and back.  As EED® occurs; bulging disc material is drawn back toward the disc proper and away from the spinal cord and nerves.  It aligns joints in a curved shape while increasing disc height in a ratio corresponding to the disc’s natural wedged shape.  These natural spinal curves of the neck and back are essential.
Is Posture Pump® difficult to use?
No.  Posture Pump® is simple to use and can be used on any flat surface such as carpet, yoga mat, firm mattress, chiropractic or massage table.  With the neck Posture Pump® you’ll place the deflated unit on a firm comfortable surface, untangle the Comfort Visor® strap at back of unit, lay down then slide and center unit under the back of your neck, snugly against the top of your shoulders.  Then center your neck on the neck cradle.  Put the Comfort Visor™ strap on.  Grasp the hand pump and slowly pump unit up to your own comfortable level, never to the point of pain.  Hold for about 10 seconds, push white button on hand pump to deflate, and repeat this process.  Do this about 5–10 times.  This up and down motion is what creates alternating hydration of the soft discs and gentle stretching of the muscles.  After 5-10 times of doing this, simply pump it up to your own comfort level and relax on inflated unit for about 15 min. maximum (this is the postural reshaping phase).  Gradually work your way up to this 15 minute goal by adding a few minutes to each session.  Inflate unit at lower levels the first week, thus reducing soreness commonly caused by aggressive treatments.  Be sure to read and follow all cautions and instructions before beginning.
Does Posture Pump® need assembly?
No.  It comes fully assembled.
Can I travel with my Posture Pump®
YES.  Posture Pump® products are designed to be lightweight, user friendly, durable and easy to travel with.  They fit nicely in your suitcase.  In fact, many users won’t even travel without their Posture Pump®!   Most units weigh only about 3 lbs.
Where are Posture Pumps® made?
We are very proud to say that Posture Pump® products are 100% made in the USA.   Our products are made of quality material, hand assembled, tested and durable.   We stand behind our quality made products.
Is there any Research on Posture Pump®?
YES!  Thank you for asking!  Posture Pump® has TWO IRB Approved MRI Studies that were conducted by Dr. C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D., neurosurgeon, researcher and author.  Studies showed that Posture Pump® decompressed, shaped and lubricated the discs and joints of the spine as well as showing disc bulge resorption. Our 2008 MRI Study compared it to a commonly used form of traction and Posture Pump® improved the cervical (neck) curve in 72% of the study subjects versus only 8% in the commonly used traction device.  Posture Pump® also increased the average disc height twice as much as the commonly used form of traction. Dr. Shealy stated “Considering the cost, effectiveness and ease of therapy, Posture Pump® appears to be the first choice of treatment for cervicogenic pain and cervicogenic headache.”  Please go to our Research Study section on our website to view real MRI’s from the studies, read the full studies and view other case studies conducted on our products.  Posture Pump® is the real thing.  Don’t be fooled by other imitation products.  Nothing works like Posture Pump. Nothing!
How often should I use my Posture Pump®?
You can use Posture Pump® 2-3 times a week, or even daily if needed.  Some people find using Posture Pump® at night helps them relax and sleep better.  Others find using Posture Pump® in the morning rejuvenates them for the day, increases range of motion and relieves painful stiffness throughout the day.  People that work out or play sports find that using Posture Pump® for just a few minutes before their workout or sport and a few minutes after their workout really helps to relieve painful neck and back stiffness from all the compressive forces endured during their workout.   Be sure to read and follow all cautions and instructions (you can find these on our website).
Can anyone use Posture Pump®?

You should NOT use Posture Pump® if you have:

  • Fracture
  • Spinal instability
  • Spinal cord compression
  • Serious pathology, disease or malignancy
  • Implanted spinal hardware
  • Have had spinal surgery
  • Acute traumatic injury
  • Extruded disc fragments
  • Inflammatory disease and/or infections
  • Spreading and/or aggravation of your symptoms
  • Do not use if you are pregnant
Do not use without first consulting your doctor. Specific joint, nerve, disc, vascular and other disorders or weaknesses can be aggravated and worsened. 
Is there a warranty?

Yes.  There is a 6 month warranty on parts and labor for all Posture Pump® products.  Send it back to us and we will fix it or replace it and ship it back.

  • Proof of purchase is required
Contact us and we will email you a return label to adhere to your box.  You can also send it back via USPS (be sure to insure your pkg).
What is the shipping policy?

We make every effort to ship your order from our California warehouse within 2 business days.  Please allow 5-7 business days for delivery (UPS ground) we also offer next day air and 2nd – 3rd day delivery. 

What is the return policy?

We know you will be completely satisfied with your new Posture Pump® purchase. If after using it for no more than 60 days you are not satisfied, we will then:

1. Refund the Product Price!

2. You are responsible for the shipping costs to return the product to us.

3. If you would like to receive a prepaid shipping label from us, $35 will be deducted from your product cost when refunded.

To qualify for this special 60 day return policy, you must have purchased directly from this website.

What is Posture Pump®’s Discount/Promo code policy?

Any Promotional/Discount codes MUST BE USED AT THE TIME OF CHECKOUT and may NOT be redeemed after completion of sale.