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Back Pain & Neck Pain Home Exercise Guide

Model 2000 Patient Instructional Demonstrations for Elliptical Back Rocker® (Back)

Model 4100-S Patient Instructional Demonstrations for Deluxe Full Spine®

Model 2500 Patient Instructional Demonstrations for PENTAVEC®

Model 6100 Patient Instructional Demonstrations for Electronic Disc Hydrator®

Model 1000 Neck®, Model 2000 Back®, Model 4100 Full Spine®, Model 6100® Instructional Videos

Patient Instructional Demonstrations (Complete)

Posture Pump® is a serious spinal health care product recommended by doctors to over five hundred thousand patients throughout the USA and other countries. It is designed for home care neck and back pain relief. It is not a massage device or an "occasional use" product! Keep Posture Pump® on your bed, chair or a place where you can USE IT OFTEN. Take it with you on trips. Just minutes on the Posture Pump® will reinforce your neck and back's NATURAL CURVED SHAPE and HYDRATE the discs & joints. Even if you don't experience back pain or neck pain use Posture Pump® as a preventative tool in keeping your spine healthy (Take the first step to a healthy spine and be proactive.).

During the first week, as the natural shape of your neck and back is strengthened, you may experience normal discomfort and soreness. As with any new treatment, THIS IS NORMAL. Skip a few days if you must, but STICK WITH IT! DON'T QUIT! Think of Posture Pump® as you would your toothbrush. Just as your toothbrush protects your teeth, let Posture Pump® strengthen and hydrate the discs and joints in your neck and back. Like working oil into a rusty hinge, use Posture Pump® after long periods of holding your neck and back in uncomfortable positions. Many use it just before bedtime to relieve neck and back discomfort, stiffness, stress and to fall asleep much easier.

 TH_INSTRUCTION1000pg2TH_INSTRUCTION2000pg3 Pentavec Instructions Model 2500

TH_INSTRUCTION4100pg4Instructions for Models 1100-S, 1100-SX, and 1400-D  Scoligon Instructions


Remember: The heart, kidney, and liver can all be transplanted, but the spine cannot! Take charge, and take the first steps to a healthy spine with Posture Pump® Disc Hydrators®. Designed for home care use.