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Posture Pump® Real People…Real Results!*

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Dr. Fabrizio Mancini recommends Posture Pump® products, both for himself and his patients - designed to decompress, shape, and lubricate the spine, which can help alleviate the symptoms caused by neck and back conditions.

Posture Pump® shapes and restores the cervical curve, restores ranges of motion, and gets to the cause of neck and back pain stiffness fast!  

Check out our Facebook customer reviews HERE!

Barbara is a Registered Nurse with painful neck & back arthritis.  A Posture Pump® user for over 10 years - who couldn't do her job without it!

Get relief from painful neck & back stiffness with Posture Pump® Disc Hydrators®! 

Check out our Facebook customer reviews HERE!

Athletes Love Posture Pump®!

Posture Pump® helped Laurie get back to playing beach Volleyball and Yoga! She recommends it to her friends and family for nerve pain and tension headache relief

Check out our Facebook customer reviews HERE!

See why Dr. Norman Shealy, Neurosurgeon, recommends Posture Pump®!


* “I purchased the Posture Pump 1400-D Dual Disc Hydrator® for my husband back in October of last year. It has helped him tremendously since then & he uses it 2 or more times daily. He cannot go a day without it or he is in pain.  This traction device has saved him from being on pain meds & I can't thank you enough for such an amazing contraption!”

-Kate W., Quakertown, PA


* "My name is William, I'm a Registered Nurse. My job is physical, between moving patients, moving equipment and being on my feet all day. I purchased the posture pump after finding out my referred shoulder blade pain was from a cervical spine injury. I didn't realize how bad my neck posture and flexibility was until I used the posture pump. I can lay flat without a pillow now and its comfortable, and when I'm at work I have better posture when standing, or using a computer. I'm more aware of what position my neck should be in and it feels great. I hardly get pain anymore and it feels like my thoracic spine is starting to get into better alignment because of my better every day posture. I've had a few friends try it, and they're buying one of their own. I can't imagine going back to where my neck health was before, thank you."

-William H., RN


* “Thank you so very much for designing, manufacturing and shipping this so promptly!  It is a truly outstanding - and as far as I know totally unique - posture device.  Everyone who has a spine should have one of these!! I am going to purchase two more of your products - the thoracic one and the lumbar one.  Do you by any chance have a “returning customer” discount, lol?  :)  Thanks for what you do!”

-David E.


* “I am so very thankful for your cervical Posture Pump®. It has saved my life. I have used it for 2 years after suffering debilitating neck pain. I am practically pain free. It was recommended by my physical therapist. I keep checking the website to be sure you don't go out of business in case mine wears out. I manage a neurosurgery office and my docs know all about it. I want to tell everybody about it. No trigger point injections or surgery for me! Thanks, and I do wish you continued success.”

-Beth R.


* “After 33 years working in a factory, I had back pain, as well as pain in my left leg. I had an MRI which showed 2 bulging discs and 1 herniated disc. I had decompression treatments which cost $2400 out of pocket, and only helped me get to about 80% pain relief. Ever since I found out about Posture Pump® (PENTAVEC® Model 2500) and started using regularly, I no longer have to go to the chiropractor twice a week. I’m now going on 36 years at the factory, and I’m 100% pain free.”

- Stanley W., Fayetteville, NC


* “I've been recommending Posture Pump® to my patients, family and friends (myself included) since I started practicing chiropractic about 20 years ago. I feel it is the best device on the market for fixing, correcting and restoring a person's loss of cervical lordosis and forward head posture. All of my patients love the results and how user friendly it is. The lumbar unit is also great at relieving chronic low back issues and sciatica. This device really delivers what it promises! Thank you Posture Pump® for helping so many patients with chronic neck and low back pain.”

- David K., D.C.; Pasadena, CA


* “My name is Leslie and I work for Dr. Trinh Bender and Dr. Thy Brown at Varai Health Center, Duncan, OK. The Doctors are very pleased with the Posture Pumps®. Patients using both the Cervical and Lumbar pumps have showed significant improvement in their Chiropractic care.”

- Leslie D. J.


* “I treated a 42 year old woman for cervical radiculopathy related repetitive motion injury, with hypesthesia and parasthesia at the left C6 dermatome. MRI showed nerve impingement of left C6 nerve root and a significant disc protrusion. She received meds, P.T. and epidural steroids without relief. Surgery was suggested as an option. The patient was treated with 20 minute sessions of the cervical Posture Pump®. She received dramatic relief of pain and a decrease in the paresthesia for 24 hours. She continued to treat herself daily and as needed for a few months. She experienced complete relief of pain and paresthesia and was released from treatment. She continued to treat herself on a PRN basis for occasional neck ache but she has not seen me for any recurrent symptoms in the last 3 years. Thanks for your great product! My patients love it.”

- Steve C., M.D.; San Diego, CA


* “Dear Posture Pump®, thank you for your excellent product. I have a ruptured C5-6 disc in my neck. My neck pain had persisted and I was considering surgical options. After giving the Posture Pump® a try I could tell the difference after the first night. I have had a significant improvement in my range of motion. I treat a lot of chronic spinal pain patients--many with multilevel disc disease and no clear surgical targets. Given my own personal experience, the low cost and ingenious simplicity of Posture Pump®, I have been enthusiastically recommending it to my chronic back and neck patients.”

- Al N., M.D.; Stevens Point, WI


* “I have put many of my patients on the cervical Posture Pump® with very good results. I have seen whiplash injuries recover much faster to the correct cervical lordosis with decreased nerve interference and decreased cervical brachial pain. I have also seen chronic cervical arthritis with disc degeneration improve to the point of greater disc height which reduces pain and numbness with improved limb function. Thank you for a product that really works and does what it says it will do.”

- K. Sam C., D.C.; Plano, TX


* “I am an R.N. and I am so glad that I tried the Posture Pump®. I have 2 herniations at C-5 and C-6. The neurosurgeon wanted to do an anterior disc, titanium plate and screws. I was having left arm weakness, point finger and thumb numbness, some right leg and great toe numbness and lots of scapula and chest pain. Today, the muscle pains are pretty much gone and most of the numbness is gone. I feel so much better already. I am so happy that I did not have surgery!!!!!!! I have been in the healthcare profession for 20 years, I have gained interest in alternative medicine. I love the Posture Pump®! Thanks again!”

- Kim M., R.N.; Green Bay, WI


* “We have used the Posture Pump® on 10 patients with varying degrees of cervical radiculopathy related to cervical degenerative joint disease. Nine of the patients had significant reduction in their pain levels. Seven had reduction in their radicular complaints. The Posture Pump® is much more effective than the use of a roll behind the neck in encouraging recovery of the cervical lordotic curve by stabilizing the head and allowing more controlled progression into lordosis. Further, the Posture Pump® is different from other longitudinal traction units that normally use the occiput to exert a separation force to the cervical area. This frequently can result in a post traction headache that requires a cranial decompression maneuver. The Posture Pump® does not exert such an occipital force. In fact the Posture Pump® assisted in controlling a headache for a patient during her normal treatment.”

- Carl B., D.P.T.; Riverside, IL


* "We received one of the first prototypes of the computerized Posture Pump® for testing. It has the unique ability to immediately improve the range of motion in almost everyone. When patients get off the unit, they know something important has been done for them and they love it. I can honestly say the level of service to my patients has been dramatically increased by the Posture Pump®."

- MM, D.C.; Huntington Beach, California


* "I have been a Registered Physical Therapist for 18 years. I started using the Posture Pump® over 2 years ago and have found it to be an extremely effective spinal mobilizer. As life spans are extended, I can't think of anything more important than the need for an easy, effective method of enhancing joint movement. It's the first truly new development I've seen in years."

- RC, R.P.T.; Medford, Oregon


* "In 1988 I was involved in a serious bicycle accident at the speed of 27 MPH, and was in a coma for a day and a half. I spent hundreds of hours of research to discover that the cervical vertebrae play a major role in our neurological function, and that one must have full range of motion of each vertebrae and a proper curve to allow the function of the body to be normal. Where other methods failed, the Posture Pump® normalized my cervical curve. The Posture Pump® goes with me wherever I go. I recommend the Pump to all of my patients."

- MJ, Neuromuscular Massage Therapist, 3-Time Ironman Triathlete Finisher, North Canton, Ohio


* "Posture Pump® is more than just user-friendly. Video fluoroscopy studies clearly demonstrate its amazing ability to reinforce the lordotic curve while evenly separating the joints."

- CJ, D.C.; Westerville, Ohio


* "I find the Posture Pump® an exciting approach to self help. I have patients currently using this new technology and getting really good results from neck and back problems. These patients appreciate being in control of their own health destiny."

- MS, M.D., Vice President of the American Preventive Medical Association, Santa Monica, CA


* "Having no curve in my neck caused me to get TMJ so bad that it was causing my bite to be off which then caused migraines. All I have to say is this device is a miracle worker. Thx"

- Patient


* "I got out of the Army in 2011 largely due to back problems. Doctors told me if I wanted to maintain my quality of life I had to start being nicer to my spine. I was diagnosed with cervical kyphosis/forward head posture and at the ripe old age of 31 I had some obvious signs of degenerative disc disease on my X-rays. Some of the physical aspects of the Army were becoming increasingly difficult for me (like hand to hand combat and ruck marches) and the Army’s solution to back issues seemed to be to pump you full of pain killers and muscle relaxers, which I hate. I have spent a lot of money and time on chiropractors, massages and massage devices to try and get my back healthy, all with varying degrees of success. While looking for something new on the internet, I came across your website and gave the Model 1400-D a try. I basically consider it a miracle device, by far it has been the best thing I have ever used on my back. I am now lifting weights twice a week which I have not been able to do for probably 6 years. I have only been using the thing for about 2 months and my upper back and neck are as good as they have been for years. You need to start lobbying your products to the Department of Defense and Veterans Affairs. They love to mask back pain with drugs but they rarely treat the cause of the pain. Soldiers need your products…"

- M. L., United States Army Veteran, Ashburn, VA


* "I tell everyone I know that this is the best ever for a bad back.  I am 52 yrs old and suffered from an overworked lower back almost 3 years ago.  I had two doctors tell me I had ruptured and compressed discs.  Said I would never be pain free, walk correctly, able to carry my grandchildren, ride my bike, play tennis, or be passionate with my husband ever again.  One said I needed surgery.  I knew giving up and taking pain medication wasn’t an option I would settle for.  I did some research and I chose to try this posture pump and it worked!  After only 3 months of daily use, I only need to use it a couple times a month now, if that.  Now my back is like it was 20 years ago.  I am now doing all the things they said I wouldn’t be able to do, and more.  I was fearful that I wouldn’t be able to replace the hand pump and couldn’t afford to replace my posture pump.

Again, thank you and thank goodness for the inventions of this product."

- PD


* "Dr. Harrington recommended, and prescribed this modality of treatment as a last resort before referral to a neurosurgeon for severe cervical disc degenerative disease along with Omega 3 and Glucosamine supplements eight years ago. It worked miraculously."

- D Myers, Texas


* "I was skeptical but had so much neck pain that I figured it wouldn't hurt to try it since there was a money back guarantee. It works so well that I am amazed. It was worth every penny. I had gone to an orthopedic surgeon who said the only solution to my neck pain was a spinal fusion. This is definitely worth it."

-P. Laird, NJ


* "I highly recommend the Posture Pump® to anyone who has any kind of neck problem or is simply suffering from pain due to sitting at a computer for extended periods of time. My life has already begun changing drastically for the better, and it is all thanks to the Posture Pump®. For 7 years I suffered from chronic neck and back pain which was mainly caused from poor posture (neck pain) and continuing to lift my disabled brother daily when taking care of him (lower back pain). An MRI showed some narrowing of the cervical spine, but was not severe enough for doctors to do anything about it. The muscles in my neck and lower back were extremely tight, stiff, and always painful. Many nights it was difficult just rolling over in bed because the lower back muscles did not want to move. Despite trying almost every natural and over-the-counter pain relief cream, none of them worked. My job is working on a computer, and even when adjusting my posture to try to reduce the pain, I still had tons of chronic pain, headaches, and pain in both shoulders that was on its way to becoming chronic too. I tried everything to improve the pain including chiropractic adjustments and completing one of the best intensive physical therapy programs in the country. They only helped to a certain degree which was not anywhere near solving the chronic neck and back pain problems. At age 37, I was wondering if I might be stuck with chronic pain for the rest of my life, but I always had some hope that maybe someday I would find something that might help. One day while doing more research online for chronic pain, I stumbled upon the Posture Pump®. All the reviews I read were amazing and people with much worse conditions than mine were having miraculous improvements. Thanks to reading reviews from other people, I knew that the Posture Pump® had great potential to help change my life for the better. On the right side of my neck there was a large bump that I called 'the rock' because the muscle was hard, about the size of a golf ball, and caused constant, severe pain. After 2 weeks of using the Posture Pump® 'the rock' is gone. I am also close to the point of being able to say the chronic pain is gone. It is so amazing and miraculous that this product, which was created by doctors with decades of experience in specializing in neck and back pain, has worked so quickly to improve not only my neck but surprisingly my back too. After using the Posture Pump®, I feel a warm, soothing, relaxing sensation in my neck, shoulders, and lower back. These awesome feelings are from more blood flowing easier into those areas. When more blood can get into those areas, more oxygen and nutrients can also get into the sore muscles to help them heal. Scientifically, I cannot explain why my lower back is healing simply from working only on the neck with the Posture Pump®; it is completely amazing. The inline skating season just began, and I have already noticed that I am going faster on the trails with much less pain. A huge thank you to the people who created the Posture Pump®!" Source:

- Snowflake


* "After surgery, I lived with pain for three years. I was always stiff and sore. I found out about the Posture Pump® at a seminar in October 1997. After just three months of use, I was amazed to find that I was pain free and able to move without restrictions. Also, my energy level has been dramatically increased. Miracles do happen!"

- BM, Medical Equipment Representative, Jackson, New Jersey